Nederlandse Kubus Club

Cubism For Fun

Cubism for Fun (CFF) is the official newsletter of the NKC. It contains actual articles about puzzles of all kinds, describing mechanisms, solutions, mathematical background or just details and overviews for fun.


Since 1994, CFF usually was released three times per year and we intend to proceed this way. Of course this needs the engagement of volunteers to provide new articles to share with the community. A board of Editors reviews submitted articles and helps preparing them for CFF.

In the member section you have not only the option to access to all the articles of the past releases, but also the chance to send/upload your new input for the next releases.

Content of CFF

The content of Cubism For Fun very much depends on what is submitted by individual "Members" of NKC. Cubism for Fun does however have a "standard" format, which comprises:

The actual member list, which was sent to all member once a year will be replaced by an online option to search and download the requested data. Print-outs will be provided on demand, of course.

Sample readings can be found in the public CFF Archive.